Friday, August 19, 2011

When it rains...........

Well today was supposed to a great day.  Off to Dubois for the start of our pack trip that would take us along the edge of the Teton National forest, Yellowstone National Park, and then back in the the Shoshone National forest a 7 day journey spanning 100 miles of wilderness.  I was so excited to see the back country, to be away from people.  Take photos and enjoy scenery that few ever get to experience.  Well it was not to be....  The boss is having some medical issues and the plan at 4 am this morning was to go with out him.  We have 3 other guests that were planning on going as well.  But while we were loading horses at 4 am the trip got canceled after a meeting of the powers that be.  Well I was really excited about going and so were the other members of the staff who had been preparing for the last several days.  We still may be able to go on a short 3 day trip into the Thoroughfare, which is where the 3 rivers meet that feed Yellowstone lake.   To compound on our disappointment all of the following events took place from 6am to 9am this morning.  We hit a deer with a truck that didn't belong to the ranch and was on loan for this trip.  Our horse trailer's air break locked up and completely shredded one tire and damaged a second.  The boss is at the doctor.  So bad things happen in three's, but thats like 4 things including the canceled trip.  So I wonder if bad things happen in multiples of three's?  Here is to hoping that those 4 things were enough for today!  Hoping for some more great new photos at the beginning of next week.

On a note of humor one of our guests got an ATV stuck in the river  yesterday to the point where it was floating down river.  It finally got stopped.  Then I had to go out there and tow the ATV all the way back to the ranch. Lets just say that it was the second most fun time I have had on an ATV; the first being my bachelor party in the hills outside of bishop with my groomsmen, Jeff, Chad, Rob and John Bradley I still get chills thinking about much fun we had.  I drove the ATV into the water till I was soaking wet from waist down, 40 degree water is CHILLY.  But we got that thing out in a jiffy and took an interesting obstacle course back to the ranch over tree stumps through other parts of the river and up a few hills that were entirely made of river rock.

Gonna relieve some disappointment by shooting my gun.

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  1. Haha. Sounds like the pack trip was a little hard to get going.
    You're pictures look great!