Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Push a little Harder

This week I keep reminding myself to push a little harder.  Im tired and have been working for almost two weeks straight.  Its amazing how that little phrase works for just about anything, when your working out, in your relationships, and while at work. Four little words that keeping me going day after day.

Today I conquered the Deer Creek Trail.  It took me only a week and a half to get fully acclimated to hiking the trail.  Its about a four mile round trip hike to the top all switchbacks with a total elevation gain of about 3000 ft over 2 miles.  I can make it up and down in under 50 minutes which is really saying something.  Wonder what my time will be at the end of the season.

Here is another interesting that happened this last week.  On thursday while jumping and ATV I learned just how powerful 12 volts of electricity can be.  Story goes I was starting up some ATV's after their long winter of rest and had particular trouble with one ATV.  I would get it started and disconnect the jumper box just to have the ATV die.  Let me explain that whoever designed the battery compartment for these ATV'S  didn't have big hands in mind.  I reached in this time to connect the positive battery terminal with my left hand and to my surprise took 12 volts right through my wedding ring which them proceed to melt around my finger.  From cold to molten in about 1 second.  Lets just say Im so lucky to still have my finger.  There is a hole in my wedding ring and a serious blister on my ring finger all the way around it. Well its healing but im still pissed about ruining my ring.  

More stories from the ranch to come!

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  1. Great job on the hiking!
    So scary about your finger!!!! I'm so glad you're ok. You can get another ring. :)