Monday, June 13, 2011

Be Like A Small Rodent

Well today was filled with a few new firsts for me.  Today I am wearing many hats but most notably the hat of Darius' helper.  Which is great - Darius and I get along real well and keep each other laughing throughout the day.  Today's task was to finish the heating in the artist's cabin.  Cool - a new skill I'm getting to learn.

So earlier last week Darius and I took a chain saw to the the side of this log cabin to open up a new section for us to run pipe into the house from the new (recycled, because it was the old one used for the lodge) HVAC unit.  Today we had to make it functional - well sort of....  We began by mapping out where the registers would go inside these cabinets that are built into the floor (they are really cool cabinets by the way).  After we mapped it all out came the fun part of taking the sawzawl and chainsaw to the floor and making holes for us to run our heating duct.  Before we get to the next part i want to give a brief little back story about this next step.  Darius knew in advance that we would have to crawl in the crawl space under this house to install this heating duct and had inspected it last week.  He commented that he thought there was a Badger or some small ground rodent living under the house.  This was true however it was not a badger it was a skunk.  No I didn't get sprayed by the skunk.  However on Saturday night JW noticed a skunk running out from underneath the cabin and Johnny-on-the-spot ran to his truck grabbed his brand new 45 revolver and let loose on this skunk.  Killing it dead in 2 shots from 40 feet away with out getting sprayed.  So lets just say Darius wasn't ever going to get down under the house knowing that skunks and or badgers had been living there, he is afraid of getting maimed by a small animal in its home.  So i volunteered to do it knowing that he would end up trying to MACGYVER  some sort of way for us to not get under the house and consuming about half a day in doing a 20 min project.  Well im a big guy and the hole was really tiny so i shoved my 6'4" body into a hole that was maybe 2ft.  Head first crawling under this house like im stalking Al Qaeda at night with a head lamp on.  I'm very sneaky when i need to be....  No skunks or badgers just a lot of pipe that needed to be run.  However I did run into ALOT of POOP, needless to say there is a long shower in my future with lots of antibacterial soap.  So all in all it was a good day, learned some new things, didn't get skunked, and picked up dead mice all over the ranch for my darling wife who is a cleaning guru (she gets it from her mom).

Note from the darling wife: I picked up some of the dead mice myself. And I now have to RECLEAN the Artist Cabin which I spent about two days on last week.  Eh...  At least it will be warm. :)

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