Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Build Me a Windmill

Teton Mt Range From Signal Mt ~ Teton National Park
So as most of you know, when the boss is not here doing Photo things, I serve as the utility infielder on the Ranch.  I don't know how to do everything but I'm a quick learner and with a little instruction and practice I can do just about anything.  This week a few new skills have been added to my resume.

Hidden Falls ~ Teton National Park
 Lets start with some simple log construction, on Monday I learned how to notch logs as if you would if you were building a log home.  I also learned how debark a tree.  We ended up cutting down a 50 plus foot tree and cutting it into pieces for a building project - it was an interesting project.

H3 ~ Teton National Park

 I also learned how to weld a little bit this week as well.  I need a lot of practice and its not pretty but its a new skill none the less.

Grand Teton, Mt Owen, and Mt. Teewinot ~ Teton National Park

 Did I mention that Darius and I are building a windmill.  Yes, thats right its not a typo - a real fucking windmill that will weigh about a damn ton when all is done.  Currently we have finished one side of the windmill and will be completing the other side tomorrow.  We are building it out of reclaimed wood, the ranch is very environmentally friendly. It's made out of douglas fur and the boards we are using are 4 x12's and about 24 feet long.  The bottom base of the windmill will be 10x10 and the top will be 6x6 platform that will be home to windmill blades, with and overall height of about 20ft.  The windmill will be placed out at the pond to aerate the pond and reduce the production of algae.  Anywho, this thing is a little like the kitchen island I built for Erin as a Christmas present, Its built to withstand any type of natural disaster you throw at it, its built like a brick shit house to coin a phrase. So here is to hoping we can finish it up tomorrow and get it all set up out by the pond.  I will post a photo when its all done I promise.

Jenny Lake ~ Teton National Park

 Here is also another idea if this windmill doesn't work out we can leave the base at the pond and use the 6x6 platform at the top as a hunting perch / deer stand.  Just saying is all.  Anyone know how much it is to mount a whale......I think I might need a bigger cabin!!!!!

Yellowstone Lake

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  1. A windmill? Crazy!!! I can;t wait to see that picture :)