Saturday, July 30, 2011

Indy the Fish Hunter

Doggie Paddle 
So today while doing my normal photography duties I had a chance to go to the pond and photograph the guests having play time.  Well I thought why not take the dog and work on our duck retrieving skills.  So Indy ran along side the ATV all the way to the pond, which is about a 1/4 mile.  He is really learning not to run away while off leash.  At the pond he ran around, played with the kids, and worked on fetching his duck bouy.  Well after awhile the fish start to pay attention to Indy.  So much so that some fish swam up to him.  He greeted them with a friendly love bite and tried to toss one on shore, luckily the fish escaped with his life as he flopped back into the water before Indy could eat him.  The dog was hooked.  He is not usually a swimming dog, in fact he hates the water.  But chasing fish he will give even Michael Phelps a run for his money in the doggie paddle.  The dog is obsessed with fish.  The kids loved to watch Indy chase the fish and he was a big hit.  They even loaded him into a paddle boat so he could get a better view of the fish.  He jumped out of the boat a few times, after a whole lot of whining, but he did learn a valuable lesson that dogs cant breath under water.  Each time he went for a kill shot on the fish he would come up snorting for air.  The dog practically swam around the entire pond twice on two fish hunts.  Got to love dogs, they are great!

Fish Taste Good!!!!! oh soooo Good!!!!!  Can't believe this fish escaped!

On the ATV ride home however the steer caught his attention once again.  The dog lost his fool mind and went bonkers this time. The steer were wearing horn braces to protect there horns.  They are kind of like chin straps for steer.  Well I was in the steer pen faster that you could believe chasing that damn dog, who is going to get me killed one day.  I finally caught him as he latched on to a steer's harness and wouldn't let go.  Then Indy received some corporal punishment and was banished back to the greenhouse.  Not entirely back to square one on the off leash biz; but he is still learning.  Here is to hoping he doesn't ever get me or himself trampled in the steer pen.

Mine all Mine...... Tastes  like duck!

Happy Saturday!

Its the Killer Rainbow Trout!  Its stalking Indy just to the left.

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