Thursday, July 14, 2011

You Can't Drown in your own Sweat

Well the saying says it all.  You can't drown in your own sweat and you can't achieve anything without a good amount of sweat.  This week has been full of sweat for me.  I have made 5 complete ground up revisions of a book for the boss.  On the 5th time it was perfect.  Thank you Jesus!!!  I did however become very proficient in Indesign a program that I had not used since college.  I was a lot rusty as there have been like 4 newer version released since I graduated.  And the even better thing is I can put those skills to work for my own book some time here in the short future.  Ill be taking pre-orders via comments on this blog.  Also if you have an idea for the title of the book let me know.  Currently I'm stewing on "North South East and West " by Jason Speer.  Any thoughts?

Anyway we had a great time with Erin's Parents who visited the Ranch last weekend.  Tom and I had a lot of man time - we shot skeet, went fishing, threw tomahawks, and shot his very, very nice compound bow that left a nice scar on my forearm because I'm too long for his bow at this point in time.  Erin and Sheril had a good time too I'm sure.  We did all get to go for a really nice horse ride while they were here and had lots of quality time.  It was great for them to get to see the ranch.

DONT HAVE ANY AUTOMOTIVE WORK DONE AT WALMART.  I know I've said it before in a few posts about the townie-dumbasses who work in the automotive center at the cody walmart.  But this time Tom got to experience it with me and vouch for me that i am not an unreasonable california driver.  We got a flat tire again on the way to town on sunday.  A few ranch vehicles also got flats this week too - they come in 3's.  So its sunday and the only automotive center open is walmart.  Well this time they tried to screw me really hard.  They would not let me replace one tire - they insisted that i buy 4 new tires. To which i scoffed and said hell no, politely of course.  I reasoned with the gentleman after he had told me it wasn't walmart policy to replace only one tire and then went off on this rant about uneven tread wear saftey and was going to refuse me service again (remember the oil change).  So i talked him into fixing my tire but the catch was I had to put it on myself as a spare.  My supposed 1 hour service turned into 2 hours of hell.  We were able to leave Walmart.  We went to lunch and enjoyed the town of cody wyoming.  But right before lunch something didn't look right about my new spare tire.  Well it was 3 sizes too small - those jackasses mounted a 235 instead of a 265.  I was unhappy as you can imagine and called walmart and talked to the gentleman who had been helping me and he said well, we didn't have your size tire...... LIAR.........  He was trying to cover his ass.  I told him I had seen at least 6 tires in there that would have fit the car.  He told me all he could do was refund my money.  So after lunch i went back to Walmart to show the man his mistake and then began negotiations for a new tire that was top of the line.  End result Jason 1, Walmart 2.  Walmart however did give me 80$ off my new top of the line tire.  All I'm saying is don't go to walmart for automotive repair.

Enjoy the photos. Im going to West Yellowstone this weekend so we should have some cool night shots.

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