Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Road Trip Warrior

Well its quiet here on the ranch.  Most of the guests have gone and we are going about our routines as if it was April again.  I am trying to get as much done here at the ranch as possible.  To leave things in good shape for next year.  However, I also feel I need to get some rest because this next month is going to be exhausting and fruitful.  Exhausting in the fact that ill will drive almost 8,000 miles in a month (thats not a typo) believe it or not.

Minnesota vs Michigan
So let me give you a little run down of October.  Leaving the ranch on the 29th of september for work to drive to New Hampshire 2600 miles of road trip.  Good news is that the wife will be coming with me which is awesome.  We have also planned to stop in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan to see a football game and its actually a Big Ten Game.  Its the day before our 1 year anniversary and I think thats a pretty cool 1 year gift to the both of us.

After that we will make our way through upstate NY and then Ill drop erin of in Albany to head back to the ranch.  Then Ill finish the drive to New Hampshire and begin a workshop with the boss for 5 days.  I am really excited about this work shop.  Here is the link to the workshop check it out  http://www.captureintegration.com/2011/06/30/nelandscape/.

It will be a great chance for me to improve on my skills as well as get a valuable and much needed portfolio review by some of the best landscape photographers in the industry.  It will be very awesome to shoot in New Hampshire  with the fall colors fresh and blooming.  I expect to add a few more images to that landscape portfolio of mine.  From New Hampshire we are headed south for a few stops.  NYC is an option where we might be able to get to see Annie Lebowitz's Studio.  Then to Virginia for some meetings and more fall colors and hopefully some caves in the Shenandoah Valley.  After that we head to Charlotte to get some night shots of the city for one of the cab companies to display in their offices.  After that off to hopefully savannah for a few days of rest for me while the boss and his wife play.  After that off to Nashville for some more photos for a local cab company.  Then back to the ranch for a day to pack up and then we head straight back across the country to FL for some well deserved rest an relaxation.  It will be a busy month and Ill do my best to post as much as possible and show all you what i am getting to experience.

So as we wrap up at the ranch there are a few things that i know ill miss and plan to get my fill of in the next 8 days.  I am really going to miss just being able to Shoot Guns when ever i want.  In LA I have to go to the range which is a pain and costs some money.  Well hopefully Ill get my fill in the next few days and it will last me till December.  I also miss horseback riding.  Ill miss the ranch its charm and its location.  But Ill be back next year and get to experience more new things.

On another cool  side note after this trip I will be 2 states short of my 50 ( Oregon and Hawaii).  I feel like I should be able to easily accomplish those by 30.

Sorry about the random Photos Hope the food makes you HUNGRY.

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  1. Love the patter and the photos you and Erin are in Lisa and my prayer's. Tome and I found a free place to shoot in the eastern Sierras right by mammoth