Saturday, October 1, 2011

Road King

So Its been two days and we have covered over 1700 miles on our roadtrip.  We made some great time on the first day from Cody wyoming to Sioux Falls South Dakota.  Erin and I have been knocking out some serious miles and just having fun listening to sports radio and random hits from the 70's-80's-90's as well as a lot of country music.  On day two we slept in a little bit meaning we left at 830 and not 530am like the previous morning.  We found a chick fila in Iowa which was in a mall, as most of them are when located outside of the bible belt.  We saw some great sunsets  over the last two days and a lot of corn ( about 700 miles full of corn).  You ask why would someone drive that much in such a short time well we were booking it to make it to Michigan on Saturday to go to the Michigan vs Minnesota game.  It was great to see Erin's Alma Matter and I enjoyed the town of Ann Arbor.  We cheered and sang Hail to the Victors a lot today as it was a complete blow out 58-0.  Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary it has gone by so fast and im looking forward to this next year of marriage and all the exciting things that are to come.  Tomorrow we are going to Niagara Falls as a celebration for not killing each other in the first year of our marriage.

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  1. I can't believe you drove that much in 2 days. I whine uncontrollably after only 2 hours.
    Happy Anniversary!!!!! (super late on the blog,but I did call)The years will just keep flying by!