Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Into the Lions Den

Tastes like you had too much Zebra last night !

First real day in Africa.  Well Erin and I were extremely jet lagged and wiped out, but at around 11 we made it out of the house and walked down the road to the Lions Park a little over a mile away.   The Lion park was really cool, and is dedicated to saving Lions from all over the world who are kept as pets.  Check out the link to learn more about the park and what they do  www.lionrescue.org.za/.   

Ahhhhhhhhh! Its soo Hot.  I was born in the Netherlands, I'm a cold weather Lion.

It was a really hot day (99) the Lions were taking shade to avoid the heat.  Needless to say Erin got a nice sunburn out of our daily activities.

Playing coy!

It was an interesting change of pace seeing Lions in really big plots of land, they are confined but its a whole lot different than being in a Zoo.  Also each lion had his picture up and short bio that explained where he had come from and who his sponsors were.  Did you know you can sponsor a Lion for life for less than $1300 USD.

You saw Lion King.......  Im not that Lion!

Hope you liked the fun photos of the Lions visit the web site if you have a free moment

Roar!!!! Erin sang the Lion King song on our walk to the Park

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