Thursday, July 19, 2012

Windmills Windmills Windmills

So it has been a really crazy last few weeks.  All the guests have been lined up back to back to back at the ranch.  This is not a bad thing however sometimes you just need a day off.  I was blessed enough to get a reprieve from work.  I flew to Long Beach to drive the bosses truck back to Wyoming.  Well after 20 hours and 1200 miles later it was enough alone time to last me for awhile.  It wasn't all work on the drive.  I did however encounter all of these awesome windmills on highway 80 that I had seen every time I made the trip.  This time however there were some really awesome clouds and I found roads that took me right up to the windmills.  Standing under these things is really scary as they make a whooshing and creaking noise.  Not sure if the are making super efficient wind energy or are about to slam to the ground with extreme force due to the 40-50mph wind.

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