Friday, September 7, 2012

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Got off the ranch for a day!  Went back to Yellowstone for some inspiration.  Upon our arrival at the park we noticed there were still alot of people in the park.  Our intention was to go back to the Grand Canyon of the yellowstone for a quick hike to the bottom of the Canyon and back but at the parking lot we noticed alot of people journeying that way.  Instead we decided to take the hike to Sublime Point,  which was less than sublime not sure why they call it that, however the trail to sublime point offered great views of the canyon, falls, and the yellowstone wilderness.  Hope you enjoy the photos from the trip.

View from the Trail!

Erin takes a breath of some rarified air at 9,000ft

Burn out on the Trail

Where all the tourists stop and take a photo!  Keep going theres lots more to see!!!!

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