Sunday, March 13, 2011


Delicate Arch -- Arches National Park -- 35mm Pano -- actual printed size 40 inches
Life changing decisions.

Recently I was presented with a dream job opportunity; the type of opportunity that tests your faith, career plan, and changes your paradigm of daily living.  My wife Erin and I, who are newly weds (10/2/10), are very entrenched in Southern California living. We go to the beach, hike all around parts of SoCal, and are broke.  Thats what you sacrifice to live in a great place like LA - you pay obscene rent and scrape by each month due to the cost of living in paradise.  
Taking long exposures in Antelope Canyon outside Page, AZ

I have a great job in LA where I work in the Photo Industry, which is what I thought I wanted to do upon graduating college.  After a few years of jumping around in the Industry getting used to working 60 hours a week and getting paid for 40 you begin to question your life decisions.  Is this really what I want at this point in my LIFE? Is this pace of life healthy for me (physically)? Will this pace of life begin to wear on my marriage? Will I ever be able to buy a house and provide for my Family? You get the picture.  

Erin excited for SNOW in June, Zion National Park just past Kolob Reservoir

Erin and I had been praying for a few months about my job and getting me to a place that is healthy.  Well, God answers prayers!!!  

Meet the H3!  As a landscape photographer this thing gets me everywhere I need to be.  I think the mud makes it look sexy!
We will be moving to Wyoming in 2 weeks to work on a Ranch.  I'll be assisting a Landscape Photographer who just so happens to own a 600 acre ranch that is positioned very close to Yellowstone National Park and Teton National Park.  As a landscape photographer it is a wet dream to spend 6 months working and living in Gods Country.  I have been working on my landscape portfolio for about the last 3 years.  Slowly taking weekend trips here and there seeing various parts of the Western United States, hoping to get one or two good shots here or there, praying for good weather, big blue skies and hopefully some amazing clouds.  Well now I'll be living out in the landscape that I covet so much and will be able to take in some great sites.  Hopefully at the end of the 6 months I'll have an entirely new portfolio.  

Indy -- watching the Sunset...... And stalking crows @ Kelso Dunes,  Kelso CA.  

Stay tuned for some more Landscape Photos, Adventures of the H3 and weekly shenanigans from my dog Indy. 

Indy @ Mono Mills, CA just past Mono Lake.  We stopped and took a few photos and sank waist deep in the snow!

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