Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pack Your Life into Little Boxes

Antelope Canyon the Exit ~ Page,California

"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.", and memorable quote from the The Godfather (1972), which you can use on a daily basis.  Like this week for example, when presented with the dilemma of what to take to Wyoming. I said to myself, Leave the Gun take the cameras,  followed by leave the bike take the wife.  Ah yes!  Love the Godfather. 
Shooting my shotgun up in the Northern Sierra's

 Anywho - I'm packing this week with the help of friends and family.  My Grandmother Joyce (aka Gma aka Juicy Fruit) is a packing guru and a saint.  She flew 3000 miles from Orlando, Florida to Southern California to help us pack.  She had ulterior motives though; my grandmother was unable to attend my wedding in October due to a nasty fall in her bathroom while packing her bag to come to the wedding.  She tripped over her suitcase and ended up shattering her knee cap, breaking her arm in a few places and suffering a big blow to the head as she hit the tile floor.  So, you ask why grandma is here?  Well, she wanted to spend a few weeks with my wife Erin.  They had only met a few times before the wedding and she wanted to get to know her better.  So here I sit with two of my favorite women at home packing my house while I work all day.  I feel guilty about it, but since I do all the heavy lifting, I've been told that I'm pulling my weight.

Trona Pinacles ~ Trona, California

So is it normal to be indecisive about what you pack?  When presented with the dilemma of which cameras to take I felt like I was told to leave one of my children behind.  So here is a list of cameras that I will be taking.  Nikon D80,  2 Holga's (one is a panoramic format 3- 120 frames), fisheye camera, the rolliflex and my pinhole.  The rest of my cameras which will rename nameless will be placed into a 10x10 storage unit.  We have been slowly moving things into the unit, which is like playing a big game of Tetris with your furniture.  All I can say is I hope this 10x10 is big enough for all our stuff.  Stay tuned for more to come. Here is a preview of blogs to come, Road Trip: Bonneville Salt Flats, Boysen State Park, Cody Wyoming and Hawkeye Ranch.

Kelso Dunes @ Sunset ~ Kelso, California 

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