Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Kolob Canyons Pano ~ Zion National Park

Ah..... Utah...... a state with the most National Parks in it and a state that also has the most mormons in it.  Mormon - is that code for redneck? - cause this is what i have observed while in Utah so far.
Zion National Park
So here are a few steps on blending in while in Utah
Step 1 : Wear some type of Harley Gear
Step 2 : Wear Cammo to blend in to your natural surroundings (ie Walmart)
Step 3 : Drive something real big and make sure the exhaust decibels are on the verge     ear shattering
Step 4 : Apply some sort of manly branding to your car, Nascar Sticker, Gun Brand logo,   NRA Sticker, Awesome trailer hitch cover “ Cowgirl butts make me go Nuts”.
Step 5 : Walmart is your one stop shop for everything.  Need a hair cut, prescription      filled, taxes filed, checks cashed, oil changed, dental work, family portraits       taken, or just want to hang out with your friends for dinner, WALMART is the    place to be
My wife Erin really excited to be at Bass Pro Shop in Las Vegas

So enough about Utah.  The road trip is going super.  We drove 750 miles today in about 10 hours making great time from LA to Salt Lake City.  On the way we made a few stops at some of my favorite places.  God bless my wife - she is such a great sport for putting up with this awesome MAN day!  We started the morning off at 6am freeway driving to one of the four Chick Fila’s in the greater LA area.  While driving through Vegas we stopped at the Silverton Casino, which has a massive Bass Pro Shop attached where dogs are welcome inside (kudos for Indy).  In this particular Bass Pro shop they have a golf simulator which I could not resist. I tested out a driver and cranked a few shots about 300 yards.  While playing this wonderful game i set my sunglasses down and forgot upon leaving the store i didn’t realize this till we were about 200 miles away.  Oh well - they had served me well i had worn them for the better part of 9 years and my wife hated them. I think internally she was imitating the, Montgomery Burns evil saying “ yes my plan is working, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha”.  With Vegas behind us and my back up pair of 5 dollar sunglasses on we made it to Zion where we explored the Kolob Canyons part of the park.  There was still snow and it was a perfect 75 degrees.  We had a great driving tour of the park with a few stops for photos.  After that we made a beeline for Salt Lake City, full speed ahead captain 80mph speed limit, did I mention “I wanna go fast” ~ Ricky Bobby.  While filling up at a gas station on the way I noticed a cool storm coming in snapped a few photos and noticed a Petting Zoo at the gas station with a Zebra. Are Zebra’s normal animals at Petting Zoo’s in Utah?  I have no idea but the llama’s looked happy. 
Storm rolling in at the Flying J

Happy Llama's

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