Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lessons in Learning ~ Fall Color

Morning Frost on Cat Tails 6AM 26 degrees
Ok so day 1.5 at the workshop.  Lets just say its a lot like herding cats.  You need to allow 2 times the time to do anything with 40 people.  We left paradise yesterday at the golden hour of sunset to travel to a small town 30 miles away to photograph buildings and structures.  Lets just say that this decision was met with extreme distaste as all the attendee's saw numerous sights along the way that would  have sufficed and kept all busy for an hour or two, along our trip to Jackson NH.

Fall Color
I feel a little out of place as the youngest attendee and especially since I personally know that in this room there are doctors, lawyers and big time businessmen.  I just might be the poorest one in the room and for sure the only one in the room who does not own a seriously high priced digital back.  No big deal though because photography is all about how you see and not about the balance in ones bank account.

Cool Leaves liked the color and form of these guys

 Anywho, I have been very limited in what I have shot due to the format of this workshop and the group element ( Its very similar to the Yellowstone Effect ~ Clusterfuck).  We shoot in groups sometimes big but most of the time in small groups.  I am trying to get different shots than the rest of the group trying to see things differently focus on the macro shots instead of the grandiose landscape.  Here is to hoping that this evenings photo-shoot lends itself to some great PHOTOGRAPHS or to a lesson in patience and creative photographing.

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  1. OOH! I LOVE the bright pops of red in the picture above! So pretty. I love how clear the water is. The first picture reminded me of the Kiss the Girl scene in The Little Mermaid. I was waiting for Sebastian to pop out and say "Percussion". Clearly I watch too many Disney movies...