Monday, December 5, 2011

Fight on Americans!!

Sunset on the Southfork

As most of your know my wife and I made some real big changes in our lives about 9 months ago (not babies).  We each quit or jobs in LA and relocated to Wyoming, for jobs that were less stressful and that would financially let us get ahead.  We began to really focus on what we were spending and where our money was going.  All of this financial planning biz came about due to a really awesome wedding gift that my parents gave us.  Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey, which totally helped us to get off the debt ferris wheel, by giving us laid out plans of how get out of debt and rather quickly at that, as well as encouraging us to "live like no one else so that eventually you can live like no one else".  (If you haven't heard about or seen it go check it out its the plan encompass all aspects of life from, retirement, college funds, getting out of debt, financial planning I.E. a budget that works for the whole family, how to invest and where to invest your money, and even the different types of life insurance. ) The system worked and in no time we were able to pay off alot of pesky debt and believe it or not increase our quality of life. Its amazing how happy you are when you are not trying to pay off the credit card each month.  We are still working on 1 car and some student loans but we have well laid plans on how to attack those and pay them off as fast as possible.  


Well today in Walmart I saw a young woman of no more than 25 who was really struggling and could have used Financial Peace University.  I overheard her talking to the cashier as she was buying diapers, formula and a few essentials with her food stamps and WIC, about how tough life was becoming with her husband out of work.  Due to mostly seasonal employment in Cody.  My heart just wept for her because I could tell the overage of 20 dollars that her food stamps and WIC would not cover was alot of money to this family.  I should have just offered to pay for it, but I didn't want to overstep my boundaries and be rude ( I'm still kicking myself for not just doing it).  As most of you know hunger ministry is real big on my priority list and I feel it is my calling to help people who have very little.  I go out of my way when I see the homeless to give them a few bucks when I have cash and when I don't ill buy them a meal.  I know that America is hurting right now and alot of Americans need some help this holiday season.  So I thought I'd put a few my thoughts out there on some pretty cool ways to help our brothers and sisters in need.

1. Toys for tots --  Its all about the kids Baby!!!
2. Donate to Salvation Army.......  Santa's ringing bells outside of the grocery store.
3. Donate to SOSA -- An organization that focuses on feeding the homeless.
4. Buy AMERICAN -- This is really the best stimulus plan there is and it will create more jobs if we as consumers really try to Buy American !!!!

My holiday wish is for America to get back on its feet and start kicking ass again...  Fight on Americans.......


  1. That's incredible honey. Places like that are certainly worth fighting for!

  2. What a great post! I am just like you- I can't handle seeing someone in need. I've already got #1 and #2 down but have to look into the others. Thank you for reminding us that we can and should help where we can :)