Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let there be lots of Snow

Looking out into the horse pasture pre snow storm
Let there be Snow!  I am back working at the ranch for 2 weeks to get the boss organized, develop a proper digital workflow and a ground up redesign of his website.  Today the weather forecast called for  about 1.5 inches of snow.  Being a Florida native I get excited about any amount of snow.  Well all I can say is the weather man lied.  We had almost six inches of snow from 1pm to 4pm.  The snow has lessened but is still falling and is supposed to go all night.  Here is to hoping for over a foot by morning.

Ranch During the snow Storm

How Floridians measure snow fall.

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  1. You're too cute. Glad you finally got to be at the ranch with a significant amount of snow since you seem to always miss it. Love you, baby. Missing you TONS!