Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cruise Day 1 ~ Bahamas

Picture of the Day (POD), you can substitute any beer you like in to this photo, but tropical blue waters and a cold beer equals paradise in my book
Its been awhile, so in a few sentences ill try to recap the last few weeks.  After my driving trip back to SF I spent 2 days in Wyoming and then left on a 3 day road trip to Florida.  Got sick, Got a Haircut, Got new tires and a radiator for the hummer, Got a Speeding ticket, Got a new camera, and Got better from being sick.  So yeah thats about it since San Francisco.  Erin and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary properly by going on a cruise to the Caribbean.  It was a lot of fun and ill be posting photos from each day ~ post cruise.  Here are a few Photos from our day in the Bahamas we had a great time and really enjoyed beaching it.

Rum and Pineapple made right.  Fresh cut Pineapple blended with ice and rum.

ERIN posing at Senor frogs.

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