Monday, November 14, 2011

Cruise Day 3 ~ San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was a lot of fun.  We began the day with a tour of Barcardi the distillery.  Lets just say that free rum is great.  Lots of free rum before 10am is not so great but I took one for the team and had 5 rum drinks because good rum cant go to waste. 

Erin mimicking the fruit bat logo of Bacardi

Why is the rum always gone?
 So after the Bacardi tour we went to the oldest fort on US soil. It was very similar to the fort in St Augustine Fl they were built only 10 years apart and are both Spanish in origin, so there you go.
Costal View from the Fort

After exploring the fort for a little over an hour we explored Old San Juan in search of early Christmas gift as well as searching for some cool photos for me of historic Old San Juan.

Love the old spanish doors check them out !

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