Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cruise Day 2 ~ St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Thomas ~ U.S. Virgin Islands
On our second stop of our cruise we were in the beautiful island of St Thomas.  Neither of us had ever been to St Thomas, so we were both excited to get off the ship and explore.  Before cruising I had done some research on the Island. I was particularly interested in doing some diving there and heard that there were many locations under water that would not disappoint.  Well all the info I read was true, it was amazing.  The water was 86 degrees like jumping into a bathtub.  The water was super transparent an you could see 50 feet clear to the bottom.  Erin and I went on 2 dives in St Thomas off of Buck Island.  The first dive we went on was a reef dive and was lots of fun.  We spent most of our dive checking out all sorts of sea life, Sgt. Major fish, squirrel fish, skip jacks, angel fish, rays, and few hundred other fish I can't name.  It was a great dive and Erin's first dive of many to come in the Caribbean.  The second dive was a dive on a ship wreck.  The ship whose name I can neither pronounce or spell had a great history and was broken into three pieces and scattered across the sea floor.  You can read all about the ship and see some cool photos of it here   .   

 It was a great day and because my wife loves me soooooo much she even went to HOOTERS with me for a post dive meal of Nachos and Fries, cocktails were consumed as well. Erin befittingly had a SCUBA DIVER.  As we spent most of our day under water there arent many photos to show for it but it was a really great day.

Sunset on St Thomas

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