Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here comes the SNOW

So today I spent most of the day learning all sorts of interesting things about electrical work.  I learned how to solder as it was one of the many steps to make our custom made lighting for the gallery.  I also learned about junction boxes and transformers.  Now here is the crazy thing - we are combining AC and DC for our lighting.  Our custom lighting has two junction boxes with 2 outlets per box, 1 transformer and a dimmer switch mounted upside down so we can control the lights from the ground. All components are mounted to a 1 x 6 and will be screwed into the rafters, each will support 8 lights and light two pictures in the gallery.  It's ok it confuses me too, but it works and should look awesome once we are done.  Stay tuned for more photos of the gallery.

It is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow on the ranch.  Yay for some stormy weather.

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  1. i love snow!!! Keep the pictures coming-they're fantastic!!!!!