Monday, May 30, 2011

Long Week at the Ranch

So sorry to not have posted for some time now but life gets in the way.  This week has been filled with wrapping up projects here on the ranch.  We are so close to being done with the gallery we are almost done.  The Boss made a few more changes that included putting up more walls which JW and I made on Saturday and will go up first thing in the morning tomorrow.  Then we just have 4 more prints to mount and hang.

I learned a good bit of information about electricity this week without even getting shocked.  Who's impressed?

Went horseback riding and saw a moose on our little adventure.  It was a Big Bull Moose, sorry no photos of the moose, was too focused on keeping from falling of my horse.  Did I mention I fell off the horse after the ride was over?  No big deal he wasn't moving, but i have a really cool gash on my forearm from where I made contact with Earth on my headfirst, 5 foot fall.

 Anywho, I also learned how to put up a wire fence.  If anyone wants to send me a come a long (its a poor man winch with a crank lever used to pull you out of the mud) thats rated for 2.5 tons I'll be happy to take it.

 We are officially in MUD CITY - rain, snow, sleet and ice have made it all sorts of mud on the ranch.  Also we had two days off because of the holiday, so I took to working on some images and posted 11 new images on my Imagekind page.  See the link listed below for your enjoyment - all the images on this blog are available to purchase.

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  1. Seriously, your pictures are gorgeous.
    I'm very impressed about the electrical work! Good job!
    I'm sorry you fell off your horse :( but I'm glad you're ok :)