Monday, May 9, 2011


Finally I made it to Yellowstone.  Oh man was it awesome.  It was everything people said it would be and more, my expectations were met and then some.

As a photographer you draw inspiration from various sources whether it's people who inspire, landscape that invigorates the spirit, or man-made structures that boggle the mind.  I was completely inspired and shot almost 500 photos yesterday.  It was a great day for shooting it was overcast and cloudy - great for black and white images (of which I have a few).

 You are always hoping for good looking images and a good rule of thumb used to be you got a decent image per one roll of film ( 24 shots for those of you who don't remember what film is ).  Well things have changed with digital, people in general I feel shoot freely at anything without thought of composition, subject, or plan.  Just firing away in the void of the landscape, praying for that needle in a haystack scenario.  I too am guilty of this sometimes. I still compose and think about the shot; but am I really slowing down to appreciate the landscape?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I am guilty of the rapid fire pano from time to time; but when I am truly inspired I find I get some good results.

 So here are my photos of my one day in Yellowstone let me know what you think.  How did I do?

FYI  : Panos and Wildlife Photos to come tomorrow.

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  1. SO pretty!!!! I love the black and whites-breathtaking!