Monday, May 16, 2011

Its better with time

Shoshone National Forest

Hey all - just wanted to say thank you to all of you who follow this blog.  Sorry I have been dropping the ball lately life is getting busy.

Well today is a good day to finally pay some attention to the H3 since its in the title of my Blog (Indy Me and the H3) and its a major factor in where I take my pictures.  I thought I would take some time to talk about the car that goes everywhere.  Well the H3 loves the ranch  - it's always covered in mud.  I wash it off about once a week but lets face it there is mud everywhere and it gets on the car.  The H3 is my baby or at least I treat it as such.  I hope to still be driving it in 2020 with about 250,000 miles on it.  The reason for all the love is a tri-fecta of reason.  First off it looks cool and is built tough.  Second it expands your world.  You want to go across that river, through 2 feet of snow, sink up to the axels in sand? No problem it will keep moving.  Third, it's become a member of the family like the wife and the dog, Old Reliable, I call it.  This weekend we took the H3 off-roading up a rocky, mud-filled road to about 9000 ft and it was really cool. We found a river cutting through the mountains and took a short hike (bear spray included). It put me in a great mood to go off-roading and get off the ranch for a few hours of fun and freedom.  Its really amazing at how something so simple as, off roading, can have healing powers for your soul.

So enough about my car and on to some serious stuff.  As an artist you have ups and downs.  This week was a down week. I felt like alot of my images were crap and that I had wasted my time in Yellowstone.  I was very unhappy with my camera.  It's not the camera's fault, it's getting old (its about 5 years old and thats some way old tech for a digital camera).  It was not the technology or the craft that was getting me down it was more or less the opportunity.  I look at so many portfolios from different artists and critique and compare my own work against theirs.  Numerous times I come across work that is similar to mine and very good.  As an artist it is hard to hang in there when you are having a shit day and you see people who are not really better than you but have just been given more opportunities whether it is better camera gear or more time off to travel to those places you covet or those who just have your dream job and are using the camera for a living.  I keep telling myself just work harder and keep pushing; but sometimes you just need to feel validated.  Well no validation yet but my mood has returned back to the glass is half disposition.  Here is hoping that this summer produces great results.

Here are my wildlife photos from Yellowstone.

Wolves on the prairie.

Baby bison in the snow.


  1. I love you so much my husband. Keep fighting for your photos - they're beautiful. You'll get there!

  2. Gorgeous. That black and white is breathtaking.