Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Business as Usual

Life on the ranch is good.  The bosses are back and the Ranch is going full speed ahead to get ready for summertime. Erin is getting all the hanging baskets ready for their debut here in about 4 weeks. 

The days are getting longer as it now gets dark around 845. It wont be long until sunset will be closer to 9. 

Erin and I went on a short little adventure up the Northfork last weekend and went on a really cool hike through a burn out area back up in the hills.  We saw a herd of about 100 elk it was really cool.  Indy was a crazy man as per his usual. He couldn't help himself too many interesting smells, bear poop, elk poop, horse poop, you get the picture.  He was a good boy though and did conduct himself in a gentlemanly manor.  Looks like this weekend we will be staying close to the ranch.  We should have some good weather so we may go check out the waterfalls up past the ranch or check out deer or cabin creek. 

Yellowstone National Park opens on May 1st.  Next weekend we will be going on an adventure into the park with Cameras and Bear spray, stay tuned for more Photos

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