Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here's your sign!

Yesterday was Friday and what a great friday it was. Well, sort of.  Erin and I had planned to venture in to town to go see a movie.  For months I had been looking forward to Fast Five.  So my loving wife took a bullet and went to see it with me out of pure love.  Well to my surprise, my wife said, "Honey it actually was good it was kinda like Oceans 11 in Rio".

Well the exciting part of this story happened on the way to the movie.  We got a flat tire in a snow storm on a dirt road with no cell service and it was about 25 degrees outside.  Because they recently graded the road they had just unearthed lots of sharp rocks, nails, screws and all sort of other tire puncturing materials.  So I got a flat - no big deal. I'm a big boy. I have changed lots of tires before, no worries. 10 min we will be on our way. If only it were that simple.  I tried to jack up the car in the appropriate place but due to the road grading, was unable to get the jack in a place on the frame of the Hummer that was sufficient to get the car up in the air enough to replace the tire.  First time fail, short about 5 inches. Second time fail, short about 2 inches.  Third time, jack that bitch up at the leaf spring, hell yeah success.  Ok so 25 min in the snow storm changing a tire I'm wet and cold and thats not even the good part.

 I had to drive to town today to get the tire changed.  I called the local mom and pop tire store to see if they can change and repair my tire.  They didn't have my tire in stock so there was no reason for me go there.  After I called the other two tire shops, WALMART was my only choice.  Previously I praised Walmart for all their wonderful mini business inside.  Let me tell you I was grateful (A. that they were open) and (B that they carried my model of tire and size in stock).  Yay, Wally World!

Show up around 9am to get a quick fix.  Well lets just say there is not an IQ test in the application process to work at Walmart.  Forty-Five minutes after I drop my car I get a page over the loud speaker for me to go to the automotive center, and my car is ready.  Hell yeah that was fast, tire is patched and I'm the road and back to work.  Not so fast you wishful thinkers.  I take a quick look at my spare tire and realize it is still flat.  WTF - I told the guy the spare was flat.  So apparently no one decided to tell me that they were unable to fix the 4 inch gash in the side wall of my tire. Which I specifically mentioned to the gentleman earlier and assumed that I would be purchasing a new tire. Apparently they checked all 4 other tires for leaks.  Found a small bead leak in 1 tire and used bead sealer to fix it.  Then they did the unthinkable and mounted a flat tire back on my car. So the guy actually asks me again if I want to buy a tire.  Oh my God Bill Engvall moment: "Here is your sign"  (Stupid).  Yes, of course I want to buy a tire for the second time, yes I need a functional spare.  What good is a flat spare tire to me, if I get another flat?  One hour later new tire is mounted and back on the car and I'm out of Walmart @ 1130.  My tire was 50 dollars cheaper than it would have been anywhere else.  But I'm still not sure 2 hours of my time is worth it.  Well I guess thats the price you pay for saving a little money. Oh, by the way my car still thinks it has flat, they forgot to reset the Tire Pressure Sensor Monitor.  Haha, not even mad! Some times you just have to laugh at some people; and wonder why they are put here on this planet.  God's testing me.....

FYI : Bears spotted on Ranch. Invested in Bear spray while on my shopping spree at Walmart. I'm still amazed at what you kind find at Walmart and truly shocked at all the services provide!

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