Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Simpler Life

I am at the ranch and well lets just say ranch life is good.  I get to be outside all day long.  Not getting a tan per say but more chapped and wet by all the weather we are having.  However  I wouldn't have it any other way. No more office life for this city boy.  I've really enjoyed taking a short walk to see my wife and dog and steal a kiss and scratch the boy.  It's also nice to walk 600yards to work in the morning and not sit in traffic for an hour.  Life is good......
Southfork Valley ~ looking south from the ranch river

Today I finished the focusing chart for the Arca Swiss Rm3d.  Lets just say whoever the guy was who made this terribly inaccurate chart should be shot. It took me the better part of two days to get the focus calibrated for 4 lenses for this camera. For those who are confused there are 102 different focusing points on a ring for this camera, each with .25 .50 and .75 values. This camera is so dialed in now we can focus on a knot of wood on the floor and also be in focus about 450 yards away. It was also a great lesson in patience.
Southfork Valley ~ looking north from the ranch
Look for more stories to come ...... Not exactly sure where I am headed next week on my road trip -  Death Valley, Oregon, Washington, Nevada have all come up as possible places of travel. 


  1. Gorgeous pictures :) Glad the city boy is having fun in the country!

  2. Wow it's so gorgeous there!! Hoping Jeff and I can come and visit :) Glad you guys seem to be enjoying your new fun jobs/life! Miss you 3!