Thursday, April 7, 2011


OK, so there is no rhyme or reason to our roadtrip.  We left wyoming with intentions of photographing the great plains in all there majesty.

 Well the weather had different ideas. All we were presented with was cloudy gloomy skies.  You say, oh wow that sounds cool, thinking of dark and brooding storm clouds.  Nope we have the plains definition of June Gloom.  So instead of majestic plains we have been photographing old things with lots of character (grain silo's, barns, fields, old towns ).

 We are just guessing where to go, not knowing a direction, no plan of what to photograph, just freestylin'.

 Its working out pretty  good so far. We still have a few days to make it to Chicago and are currently in South Dakota, not Kansas like i thought yesterday.  Stay tuned for more photos and more stories from the road.

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  1. Beautiful, Jason! Your eye continues to astound me! Miss you!