Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The First Snow

Hawkeye Ranch ~ in the snow

On the road again........ I know, right? I just got to Wyoming a week ago. Well I’m on the move again.  Tomorrow at O’Dark 30 aka 4am, we are leaving to go somewhere.  Somewhere you say. I know, there are like 5 plans. I think we are just gonna drive somewhere and end up in Chicago on Monday, that is the plan.  Here is where I think we are going: Dakota’s, Montana, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois. But who knows we may end up in Oregon.

Buddy out side of the laundry room

Snowing early in the day

So, it snowed today and it’s actually sticking. Not melting immediately like earlier this week - so excited.  Big, soft, fluffy, white flakes are pouring down on us as we speak.  I’m so happy. I love snow and being from the south I never really got to experience it as a kid.  So needless to say that I’m exited to hear that there is snow into July.  Woo Hoo! Check out all the new snow photos.

Tent Cabins ~ Erin and I will move into one of these in a few months

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  1. "O’Dark 30 aka 4am" LOL!!!!! That is SO funny! Seriously, 4 am is not a pretty hour. Enjoy your drive and photo ops. :)